``Twin Saga: Help a fallen goddess save the world from her evil twin in Twin Saga, an anime-themed 3D MMORPG. Freely switch between nine different classes with just one character, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages in combat. Rack up energy and finish off enemies with flashy ultimate moves that change with different mobs. Travel the bright and colorful world of Aetherion aboard your very own Terracottage, mobile houses built on the backs of giant walking machines. Upgrade your dwelling to craft, cook, grow plants, and experiment with alchemy in the comfort of your home. Recruit companions called Senshi to accompany you on your journey and assist you in battle. Experience a classic tale of good versus evil as you complete quests to save the world and humanity from utter destruction.``

Additional Details

Company Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date April 20, 2017

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Vista
Processor Pentium 4 - 3.0 Ghz or better
Online Multiplayer Action Multiplayer


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